Mens Trends In Jewelry
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Mens Trends In Jewelry

By: Kaitlin Zeik

More and more men in America are interested in fashion and style. That includes accessorizing with an edge. While beaded bracelets,  chains, and big watches have always been somewhat of a staple for guys, we have certainly seen a significant uptick in men wearing and purchasing these particular items for themselves.
Pearl Necklaces

We’re not suggesting to go to your next corporate event in pearls (or please do if you have the nerve), but pearls are seriously on trend for men in the art and fashion worlds, or for edgier guys whose jobs don’t dictate their style. It’s the right look for a guy with the grit to pull it off, at the risk of traditionalists finding it unpalatable. Even amongst the Leonardo Jewelers team there are mixed feelings about the look. Chris (my brother) and I personally love the look, while others find it outlandish. Paul, however, mentioned he was thinking of getting a set for himself. Any guy who gets a set of pearls just has to be good at shutting out the haters. 

Dangle Earrings

Men are making their way to the jewelry section to take a gander at earrings (and other jewelry, really) that are traditionally designed for women. Like pearls, this is not for those trying to dress modestly. A lot of guys rock the look by just wearing one earring, so luckily you can purchase half a set from many of our brands. Something with a black finish like Syna’s Mogul earrings are a great segue into the trend.

Classic Diamonds

Men are requesting diamond bracelets. Although a man wearing a tennis bracelet is nothing new, it is making its way into the mainstream more and more. That and diamond tennis necklaces are becoming a lot more mainstream amongst regular guys. If the bright white look is not your style, we offer mens selections with black diamonds as well.

Smaller Watches

Mens watches originally used to be 36mm in diameter (sometimes even 31mm). Over time, sizes got bigger and as the millennium came around many American men wouldn’t be seen with a watch under 41mm. Well, the sizes are weaning back again. Although large watches aren’t out of style, the smaller watches are making their way back into mens’ collections and onto mens’ wrists. These smaller sizes are resuming back to tradition and the feel has a nuance of nostalgia.
If these current trends are not you, not to worry. Many of those rugged beaded bracelets and classic gold chains are very much still sought after. I don’t ever foresee a day when men will stop purchasing rustic leather or forged silver. The above trends are simply making their way into the mainstream, and if it isn’t for you we have plenty of other pieces to choose from. If you are looking to add edge, however, we offer many pieces like the above on the Leonardo Jewelers website and in our showrooms.