7 Reasons Leonardo Jewelers is the Best Place for Last Minute Christmas Shopping
The holidays will be here before we know it and if you’re still in search of a perfect gift for your loved one, we’ve got good news: there’s no need to stress!

7 Reasons Leonardo Jewelers Is The Best Place For Last Minute Christmas Shopping

By: Kaitlin Zeik

7 Reasons Leonardo Jewelers is the Best Place for Last Minute Christmas Shopping

1. Hundreds of pieces that are hand-selected with you in mind. We have a menagerie of collections from popular brands as well as unique under-the-radar designers. Whether you choose from Roberto Coin or a beautiful enameled bracelet handmade in New York, you’re sure to stumble upon an impressive piece as soon as you walk into the door. It doesn’t matter if you come in in June or on Christmas Eve. There will always be gorgeous items waiting to be picked out.
2. Beautiful Gift WrappingWe offer beautiful gift boxes to hold your jewelry selection, along with complimentary gift wrapping. All our staff is trained to wrap to perfection in our signature purple paper. The packaging alone communicates thoughtfulness and that the piece inside is special. Even if the gift you chose isn’t from a recognizable brand, your loved one will know the item is certainly upscale.

3. Forever Items are Always Meaningful. Gifting someone something that lasts forever ensures that the gift will memorialize something special. It shows you appreciate the past, are grateful for the present, and foresee a long future. Just like your love, a piece of high-end jewelry is forever. 

4. Overnight Delivery Available. We have online shopping available with free overnight shipping for anything you purchase.

5. Open Sundays. Leonardo Jewelers is open Sundays starting the day after Thanksgiving. Most people don’t realize that, so you may be able to avoid some crowds too! Also, our open hours go later and later as we get closer to Christmas. All that information is available on our website, and you can always call or message us on social media if you are unsure of our hours on a particular day!

6. Open Until Christmas Eve. For those ultimate last-minute shoppers, we are open all the way up to Christmas Eve until 3pm. 

7. Always A Good Experience. Leonardo Jewelers is not just a store, it’s a positive shopping experience. We want everyone to leave the showroom with good feelings. Our sales associates aren’t there to just sell, but to entertain like we are welcoming family into our home. You will get bombarded with offers for tea, water, and chocolates, and whoever is assisting you will give you personalized attention and be able to offer you different styles once they get a feel for your tastes. Our goal is to make you leave feeling like you just had a good time. Ideally, those good vibes live through the piece as you pass it along to the gift receiver.