For the Woman Who Has Everything

For The Woman Who Has Everything

By: Kaitlin Zeik

Jewelry Gift Guide For the Woman Who Has Everything

Feel like your partner has all the jewelry she could ever want? Think again. I have your back with 5 essential pieces for the woman who loves luxury jewelry and already has all the basics.

Tennis necklace.

She may have the big riviera diamond necklace, but does she have the simple, smaller version? If she likes to layer her necklaces, this will become her secret sauce. The tennis necklace elevates her layers entirely and will glitter through the veneer of gold chains adding perfectly understated texture to her look. Is she not into layering? Don’t be intimidated. The tennis necklace looks super chic even on its own. It’s also the perfect heirloom since diamonds never go out of style, nor do they seem to get less expensive over time.

Rainbow Sapphires.

From tennis bracelets to watch bezels, rainbow sapphires have been trending. Gorgeously laid out like a color wheel, the design is rooted in both science and art, as rainbows are both naturally occurring and perpetually experimented with. Seeing colors in an orderly manner is a very literal take on color theory, making for an extremely chic and clever design. When the sapphires are masterfully transitioning in color wheel form, it is lively and mesmerizing. 

Bold Black and Gold.

While there is nothing new about this perfect pairing, she may still be lacking a black and gold piece in her luxury jewelry collection. A black and gold color combo is timeless, seasonless, and versatile as can be. Why should you consider it? It’s powerful, luxorious, and refined.

Men's Watch.

It’s no secret that menswear-inspired looks are keenly simple and super cool. The look doesn’t end at loafers or blazers, it can be done with a men’s watch as well. When done right, it's a cool look that is modern and feminine. This is the perfect gift for the woman who is comfortable enough in her femininity to take on a masculine look. She may still love her traditional ladies watches, but a woman can have a men’s timepiece in their collection too for the days they are feeling extra bold. For some ladies, that’s every day!  The best way to choose the right piece? You can go for a classic, long-established piece that she may even remember her own father wearing. Or, you can get her whatever men are wearing right now! Just make sure it's not so big that the lugs go past the width of her wrist.